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€ 300 000
Gävle Racetrack
Thursday, September 18th
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€ 1.3 million!
Solvalla/Åby Racetrack
Wednesday, September 3rd
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Commentator's column

Commentators column

Their voices bring the action from the Swedish race tracks to your computer and they also give their thoughts in a new column every week.


V4 Gallop
Jägersro Galopp

Preview V4 Jägersro Galopp

Jardby Peter (liten)Trainer Peter Jardby:
4 Smart Endeavour (V4-1) should be up there today,” says Jardby.
11 Zvinto Zaid (V4-2) did well in his last race and I’m positive about his chances today.
3 A Certain Romance (V4-4) had a good previous race and hopefully he can make performance like that again.”
12 Charmed Star (V4-4) has done well and is keeping his good form. He likes the jockey and I think he will do well.”


Vanja SandrupTrainer Vanja Sandrup:
6 Well Tried (V4-1) didn’t perform at his best in the last race. He has done well earlier with this jockey and I think he will do again,” says Sandrup.
10 Moon Life (V4-4) had everything worng in his last race at Swedish Championships. I think he will do well today as the opposition is easier.”


Larsen Hans-IngeTrainer Hans-Inge Larsen:
9 Petite Gemme (V4-2) has a good chance of finishing up there,” says Lasrsen.
4 Tintillon (V4-3) has a good form and could be up there today.”
5 Lindaspiel (V4-4) had a bad post position last time and should do better today from this post.”
7 Mrs Perry (V4-4) is always perfoming well in races. The post is good and I definitely think that she will finish in top three.”


Adielsson HansTrainer Hans Adielsson:
7 Catch The Cider (V4-1) has too much weight today and that makes it tough to win. He is doing well in training,” says Adielsson.
6 Truly Madly (V4-2) has to show better skills before I raise my expectations.”


Trainer Knut O Arnesen:
11 Redlorryellowlorry (V4-3) is a nice horse that has everything in order. He made a good debut for me two races ago but in his last race he didn’t perform well at all due to a heavy track. I think he has a good chance of winning today,” says Arnesen.


Stenefeldt Katharina (liten)Trainer Katharina Stenefeldt:
2 Mocacha (V4-1) hasn’t raced for a while and I find it hard to predict where he will end up,” says Stenefeldt.
5 Catch A Grenade (V4-1) is a capable horse. He always perform at his best and usually he finishes up there.”
8 Pre Tax Profit (V4-2) is finally back on the track. He is doing well in training and I’m optimistic today.
5 Somerset (V4-3) has a good post and can hopefully be up there.”


ewa_idemarExpert Ewa Idemar shares her selections for Jägersro Galopp's V4 meeting.

V4 suggestion:
V4-1: 1,5,7
V4-2: 5,8,9
V4-3: 1,3
V4-4: 3,7,8,9,10,12

Lunch Double suggestion:
LD-1: 9 Petite Gemme
LD-2: 1,3

Trifecta suggestion:
Winner: 7 Mrs Perry
Second: 3,8,9,10,12
Third: 3,8,9,10,12


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