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Winners Corner Saturday



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Commentator's column

Commentators column

Their voices bring the action from the Swedish race tracks to your computer and they also give their thoughts in a new column every week.



Preview V64 Östersund

Rain has fallen over Östersund Racetrack. Temperature around 20 C. The highlight of the day, the Swedish Derby for cold bloods will be driven in V64-6.

Driver Vidar Hop is in charge of two cold bloods in the Derby races.
1 Lynn Rappa (V64-3) won easy last time and felt fine. I drove 2 Åsrud Vilja (V64-3) last time and I believe that the two horses will be in the fight for the win. Both are much better than the other contenders in this field. Lynn Rappa is fast out and I want to drive in the lead. Then, Åsrud Vilja must be good. It’s not easy to beat Lynn Rappa racing outside of the leader”, says Hop.
3 Junifaks (V64-6) will not beat the favorite. But, my horse is fast out and I hope for getting positioned behind her. Junifaks will be in the fight for the second place.”


Linderoth Per

Trainer/driver Per Linderoth has information about his V64 duo.
7 Flowstarter G. (V64-2) was out in a tough race last time and she was okay then. The horse feels good in training. Normally, she doesn’t beat 8 Bradley and we aim for a place”, says Linderoth.
3 Liberty Face (V64-5) was too alert and broke stride last time. Normally, he doesn’t do that. The horse was good after the gallop and felt fine. He shall be considered here. No changes.”


Bergh Robert

Trainer/driver Robert Bergh has a duo competing at Solvalla. Assistant trainer Jimmy Jonsson shares his comments.
8 Bradley (V65-2) is facing suitable opposition tonight and shall be in the fight high up. He was okay last time, but should have been a bit better”, says Jonsson.
15 Chad Boko (V65-4) progress all the time and makes good performances. The distance is suitable and he shall be considered in the ticket.”


Melander GunnarTrainer/driver Gunnar Melander has the big favorite 8 Månprinsen A.M. (V64-1) to compete in Östersund, and the horse is chasing his sixth consecutive win.
“He feels great. I drove easier intervals yesterday and there isn’t anything negative to say. The horse started twice at Romme last time and he has been fine after. The blood samples were perfect and he was alert on Saturday. I will take it easy from start and come off the pace at the end. The horse has top chance. The goal is the Swedish Championship in the end of August”, says Melander.


Amateur trainer Ola Skrugstad has the big favorite to start in the Swedish Derby for cold bloods.
“I know that 4 Lannem Silje (V64-6) will make her best and I don’t demand a win. But, everybody who has seen her knows that it takes a good horse to beat her. The horse is always calm and fine. Lannem Silje is fantastic. She doesn’t care about travelling six hours. The horse eats and drinks, and takes it easy”, says Skrugstad.


Röste Stig JarleTrainer/driver Stig Jarle Röste has a duo starting in Östersund.
1 Snygg (V64-1) is facing 8 Månprinsen A.M. who is outstanding right now. Snygg gets to fight for a place behind him. The horse has an okay post and feels very fine in training. Snygg hasn’t made constant starts though, because we haven’t found races and he probably need one race”, says Röste.
8 Sundbo Esparsett (V64-4) has started once lately. The horse trotted with a flat tire the whole race last time. Sundbo Esparsett should be better now.”


Svante BåthTrainer Svante Båth has a duo to compete within the V64 meeting in Östersund.
2 Desuper Filius (V64-4) got a perfect trip last time and won easy. Desuper Filius is a fine type and I have hopes in him. This seems like a suitable challenge. The opposition certainly looks tougher this time, but I still believe that we can be in the fight for the win. No changes, the horse will be equipped with shoes all-round”, says Båth.
5 Julia Kaulitz (V64-5) has top form right now and the last performance was really good. I think that she will win anytime, perfectly well here. She will finish high up if just getting her race. No changes, the horse will be equipped with shoes all-round.”



Expert Fredrik Widman shares his selections for the V64 meeting in Östersund.

V64-1: 8 Månprinsen A.M.
V64-2: 1,2,5,6,7,8,11
V64-3: 1,2
V64-4: 2,15
V64-5: 1,2,3,4,5,9,10,11
V64-6: 4 Lannem Silje

Daily Double-suggestion:
DD-1: 3 Liberty Face
DD-2: 4 Lannem Silje

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