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Commentator's column

Commentators column

Their voices bring the action from the Swedish race tracks to your computer and they also give their thoughts in a new column every week.



Conclusion V75 Bjerke

It was a tough start with many horses that fought for the lead position. 1 Underpaid Hanover with Björn Goop managed to keep the others on the outside. From the lead position Goop controlled the race all the way cross the line. Closest to get pass was 2 K.L.M. Buymethemoon and 10 Rafolo that grabbed second and third place.
Winning time: 1"12"8 / 1609 meters, auto start.
Win-odds: 2.65

1 Mr Hot shot grabbed the lead from start but 4 Tack Wee overtook it after 600 meter just to see the favorite 5 Red Team Rex get pass straight after. With one lap to go 8 Victor Crown challenged for the lead but couldn’t get pass. In the last turn it turned out to a three-horse race: The leader Red Team Rex on the inside, Tack Wee in second wide and 7 Heartbreaker V.S. in third wide. With 50 meters to go the later had passed them all and secured the win.
Winning time: 1"15"8 / 2600 meters, auto start.
Win-odds: 17.57

2 Windy Ammik with Vidar Hop grabbed the lead. He fought very well in that position and in to the home stretch he was still in the lead. He even got away from the others, except 9 Red Rose America that came flying from fifth wide. A tremendous finish from Red Rose America made him the winner with only a few centimeters. 8 Frida Montana finished in third.
Winning time: 1”15”0 / 2140 meters, circular start.
Win-odds: 4.78

4 Diego M. Boko got away in a tremendous way and grabbed the lead while the favorite 5 Mellby Brunello postioned on the outside. These positions were held in to the final home stretch. The duel was tight but Diego M. Boko managed to keep Mellby Brunello behind. 12 Obello D’Apua finished third.
Winning time: 1"13"0 / 1609 meters, auto start.
Win-odds: 4.09

4 Hamilton As grabbed the lead but after only 400 meters it was overtaken by 2 Aqua Challenger. 10 Photo Va Bene positioned on the outside. These two were side-by-side in to the home stretch. A tight duel ended with the favorite Aqua Challenger as the winner. The third place was grabbed by 3 Quantanamera.
Winning time: 1"13"5 / 2100 meters, auto start.
Win-odds: 3.63

The race included two big favorites, 5 Tumble Dust and 6 Västerbo Fantast. As the race went off Västerbo Fantast directly broke stride, while Tumble Dust grabbed the lead. From the lead position Björn Goop controlled the race. As the finish line came closer the gap down to the others decreased. Closest to get past the winner was 7 Tycoon Conway Hall and Radysin America that finished in second and third.
Winning time: 1"11"7 / 1609 meters, auto start.
Win-odds: 3.88

1 Viking Frecel grabbed the lead. 2 Broadway Legs and 3 Fascination challenged for the lead, the first one got while the other one broke stride. The favorite 5 Going For Gold Zaz positioned on the outside but broke stride with 1000 to go. When getting in to the last turn Broadway Leg had no strengths to spare. Instead 10 Thai Broadway and 11 Winmecredit were up front. At the home stretch Winmecredit got away and secured the win. 8 Global Investment finished second and 4 Vacqueyras finished third.
Winning time: / 2100 meters, auto start.
Win-odds: 4.61


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