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Commentators column

Their voices bring the action from the Swedish race tracks to your computer and they also give their thoughts in a new column every week.



The V75 World Cup 2014

Are you the next V75 World Champion?

V75 World Cup was a big success last year and ATG is proud to once again arrange the event. Last year 35 000 bettors from 21 countries participated in the competition. With a first prize of SEK 250 000 as well as a trotting trip to a value of SEK 50 000, this is ATG’s grandest and most prestigious competition. The competition starts on Saturday October 25th and takes place over the course of six V75 meetings, where you count the five best rounds. You play 192 combinations - no more, no less.

The final will take place in Stockholm in December 2014. There are a total of ten finalists in the competition, and one of these spots will be reserved for an international ATG bettor. The highest ranked bettor on the international campaign site’s leader board “Top 75” upon conclusion of round 6 (November 29th) will be invited to the semi-finals and final. The semi-finals and final consist of a knowledge-based competition. The final round will be held with a reduced number of participants if there are finalists who are not able to attend. An absent finalist may not assert the right to claim potential winnings.

Last year 1 000 international bettors from 20 countries outside Sweden participated in the competition and this year we hope to attract even more international bettors. Therefore we need your kind assistance to spread the word about the V75 World Cup 2014. Success depends on your commitment to promoting and informing customers of the competition.


Besides the honour and prestige of winning the title of V75 World Champion, the winner of the V75 World Cup will be awarded a first prize totaling SEK 300 000. The first prize winner will be awarded a trophy, cash prize of SEK 250 000 and an adventure/travel package worth SEK 50 000. The second prize winner will be awarded a cash prize of SEK 50 000 and an adventure/travel package worth SEK 25 000. The third prize winner will be awarded a cash prize of SEK 25 000 and an adventure/travel package worth SEK 25 000.

Competition period

The competition starts on October 25th and lasts until November 29th, 2014. Please note that the Extra V75 on November 2nd is not included in the competition.

Round 1 October 25th at Jägersro
Round 2 November 1st at Eskilstuna
Round 3 November 8th at Halmstad
Round 4 November 15th at Solvalla
Round 5 November 22nd at Bjerke (Norway)
Round 6 November 29th at Jägersro
Final December 5-7, 2014 in Stockholm


All participants must register on this site in order to be able to compete in the V75 World Cup. Contenders may register until round two’s betting deadline on Saturday, November 1st 14:30. However, it is of course best to sign up as soon as possible so that you may participate in all six rounds.

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