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Winners Corner Saturday



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Commentator's column

Commentators column

Their voices bring the action from the Swedish race tracks to your computer and they also give their thoughts in a new column every week.



Preview V75 Jägersro

Strömberg Hans RTrainer Hans R Strömberg:
8 On Track Piraten (V75-7) has kept his superb form. The post position isn’t the best but now one horse is withdrawn and it’s a little bit better. He won the Swedish Championships and I can’t see why he won’t win today again. The only reason could be if there will be a tough start of the race with a really high pace,” says Strömberg.
12 Kricken C.D. (V75-3) has a terrible post position and I don’t think he will win. He did well at Örebro the last time and his form is increasing but I don’t think that it’s enough today.”


Bergh RobertJimmy Jonsson from stable Robert Bergh:
4 Birmingham (V75-1) is doing well and has an increasing form. There is good opposition today and Birmingham prefers to pocket along. If we get an opening at the final home stretch and if things turn out well I think we can finish up there,” says Jonsson.
11 Elegance Brodde (V75-1) has a nice form. He was the favorite in the last race but didn’t perform at top. It was a muddy race track and he didn’t like it.”
6 Speed Delicious (V75-5) has kept his top form. He is one of a few horses that can win today. My only concern is the circular start, that’s not his favorite and there can be trouble. There is a chance that he breaks stride but if he doesn’t I think he will finish up front.”
7 Nahar (V75-7) sadly got a position way back in the field in the Swedish Championships. He has done well in training lately but hasn’t performed as well as we expected in races. Hopefully he will do better today.”


NORDENSSON JENNY 1307.JPGTrainer Jenny Nordensson:
1 Paduca Dream (V75-2) has done well in training after her last start. She has kept her great form with four straight wins. She is very strong and has done well in this distance earlier on. Now she has been on a short layoff and I think she’ll be excited to be back at the race track. She is still showing progress. The tactics today is up to the driver but I think he will prefer to race from the lead,” says Nordensson.


Svensson ClaesTrainer/driver Claes Svensson:
9 Quarter of an Hour (V75-1) is out in a tough race. We’re aiming for the position behind the leader. Probably it will be behind 1 Augustus F. or 2 Calvin Borel. He did well two times ago when he won without using all his strengths. He should be just as good today. If we find an opening at the home stretch we could be fighting for the win,” says Svensson.


johansson stig hTrainer Stig H Johansson:
10 Oops Trot (V75-1) performs at her top every time but still hasn’t won since she got to my stable. Last time she sadly broke stride but that was a one-timer. There is tough opposition today, especially Oops Trot. I think she can finish up there today but I don’t think she will win,” says Johansson.
1 Claes Boko (V75-7) did very well last time but couldn’t keep up with the top duo. He has done well ever since and feels really fit. The post position is good and I think he’ll get a nice trip. I think he will be up there, maybe even grabbing the win.”


Conrad Lugauer (liten)Marc Elias from stable Conrad Lugauer:
2 Calvin Borel (V75-1) broke stride last time. He acts a little strange sometimes and wasn’t comfortable with the driver in the recent race. Today it will be Conrad Lugauer that will drive him and I think that’s better. After the last race he was fully fit and ready to race again. He has trained well during the week and he feels great ahead of today’s start,” says Elias.


Trainer/driver André Eklundh:
12 Miss My Money (V75-2) has done well the entire year. She had a tight schedule with a lot of races but has now been on a shorter layoff. Normally she performs well after some rest. The opposition is god and the post position is terrible, I don’t think we will be up there,” says Eklundh.


anders_malmrotExpert Anders Malmrot shares his selections for Axevalla's V4 meeting.

V75 suggestion:
V75-1: 1,2
V75-2: 1,4,7
V75-3: 7 Västerboonthenews
V75-4: 5,11
V75-5: 4,6,10,15
V75-6: 1,2,3,8
V75-7: 2 Mosaique Face

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