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€ 5.7 million
Solvalla Racetrack
Saturday, May 30th
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Commentator's column

Commentators column

Their voices bring the action from the Swedish race tracks to your computer and they also give their thoughts in a new column every week.


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Preview V4 Färjestad

Jakobsson MagnusTrainer/driver Magnus Jakobsson:
7 Jane Avril (V4-1) has kept her good form and is doing very well in training. We have to get away in high speed to grab an okay position in the field maybe we can get to the lead. This is my best chance of grabbing a win today,” says Jakobsson.
11 Global Patriot (V4-2) has a good form and is eager to race again. It’s been a while since we last participated in a race with circular start and the post position isn’t the best. There is a risk that he breaks stride and our main goal today is to complete the race. He can finish up front.”
7 Sargasso S.I.R. (V4-4) has top form and is one of many horses that can win this race.”


Trainer Jörgen Pettersson:
1 Marvelous Fam (V4-4) is inexperienced and broke stride last time. Usually he is a safe trotter but sometimes things turn out wrong with these youngsters. He has done well since then and he feels fit at the moment. We would like to claim the lead in today’s race and I won’t be surprised if he is fighting for the win,” says Pettersson.


Goop BjörnAnton Sverre from stable Björn Goop:
10 Tivoli (V4-1) has raced three times and two latest ones he has performed well. The post is bad today and that makes things tougher. We can be fighting for the win but we’re in need of some luck,” says Goop.
8 Countdown (V4-2) is capable and has a good form but I don’t think he will grab a win today.”
12 Jula In Focus (V4-2) has raced once since the layoff. He did okay then and I believe that he will do better today. It’s a very capable horse and I’m not surprised if he will be fighting for the win today.”
12 Cummin (V4-3) has a good form but from this post position we’re in need of a lot of luck.”


Driver Niclas Benzon:
1 Jetcane Harvester (V4-3) has the best possible post position. We’ll aim for the lead from start and he prefers to race up front. He has raced twice and should do better today. If we will get to the lead, I think we will have a good chance of winning,” says Benzon.


Peter G Norman (liten)Trainer/driver Peter G Norman:
3 Rightkindoftrouble (V4-3) got a throat infection after the last race and has been on a shorter layoff. He has done well in training for the last couple of weeks and feels fit. He is up against easy opposition today and he should finish up front,” says Norman.


jonas_moberg_engTrainer/driver Jonas Moberg:
1 Ed Tanic (V4-2) is a capable horse but has been unlucky during the entire career. Last time he got too excited and broke stride almost immediately. Two races ago he claimed a win and if he performs like that today he will once again finish up front,” says Moberg.


Widman Fredrik CExpert Fredrik Widman shares his selections for the V4 meeting at Färjestad.

V4 suggestion:
V4-1: 6,7,10,12
V4-2: 1,4,11,12
V4-3: 6 Rightkindoftrouble
V4-4: 1,3,7,9,12,13,14

Lunch Double suggestion:
LD-1: 1 Ed Tanic
LD-2: 6 Rightkindoftrouble

Trifecta suggestion:
Winner: 1 Marvelous Fam
Second: 3,7,9,12,13,14
Third: 3,7,9,12,13,14

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