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Winners Corner Saturday



€ 0.4 million!
Östersund Racetrack
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Commentator's column

Commentators column

Their voices bring the action from the Swedish race tracks to your computer and they also give their thoughts in a new column every week.


V64 Jackpot

Preview V64 Östersund - JACKPOT!

Cloudy and a temperature around - 7 C in Östersund. Fast track.

Leif Witasp (liten)Trainer Leif Witasp has brief comments about his V64 horse, that is starting in a race for three-year-old trotters.
10 Dream Keeper (V64-3) has high capacity, but is still a bit inexperienced. He shall be considered as an outsider”, says Witasp.



Trainer/driver Kristian Lamöy has two contenders to compete at Solvalla.
14 Flibustier (V64-5/DD-1) was really good last time. He has found the form again. The long distance is an advantage and I have hopes”, says Lamöy.
5 Helle Tone (V64-4) isn’t complete yet. I think that she will be really good beyond. The horse is good now as well and shall be considered as a little outsider if behaving.”


Niclas TorstemoTrainer Niclas Torstemo has information about 5 Newman Tuna (V64-1).
“I think that he can finish quite high up if claiming the lead. The horse is most suitable in that position and Ove A Lindqvist uses to be good from start. I’m pleased with Newman Tuna in training. He won from the lead two starts ago and I hope that he repeat that of course. I don’t know how fast the others are and I have believes in him. Newman Tuna is the best without shoes at the front and it’s a risk that he must be equipped with shoes. It’s cold and it’s a risk that the track gets too hard. I will decide when I see the racetrack”, says Torstemo.


Wikberg DanielHome track trainer Daniel Wikberg has comments about his V64 horses.
12 Master Ho (V64-1) has the wrong post tonight and unfortunately, he must be equipped with shoes at the rear. The horse doesn’t like that and he is a contender for show from this post”, says Wikberg.
1 Toronto Love (V64-5/DD-1) performed well last time and has been fine in training after. The horse should be a contender for show if keeping stride.”
4 Delicious Avista (V64-5/DD-1) has been away long because of an injury. I want to see how she is and I lay low.”


Bergh RobertTrainer/driver Robert Bergh has a trio to compete at Solvalla. Tobias Eklöf shares his comments.
14 Wilda Fille (V64-4) is very capable, but unfortunately very unsure. He is tricky around horses and needs more routine. I don’t think that anyone beats him if keeping stride. We will change some things in the warming, hopefully it keeps him calmer”, says Eklöf.
11 Unogaren (V64-5/DD-1) isn’t so easy either, and he easily breaks stride. The horse is out over suitable distance and he will surely be in the fight for the win if he behaves. I might change the bridle and Unogaren is given in the ticket.”
2 Tangen Didrik (V64-6/DD-2) has become better and better since he came to us. The horse is starting with good conditions and he probably claims the lead. If so, I think that he will be hard to beat. Tangen Didrik is probably our best chance this time, he is safer than the other two.”


Trainer Ingemar Söderberg has information about his V64 duo.
6 Benita (V64-3) was boxed in last time and had strengths spared. The horse had probably won if getting out in time. I hadn’t driven tough before that and I think that she has progress. I’m pleased with her in training and there isn’t any top contender in this race. I believe that Benita is in the fight high up”, says Söderberg.
9 Pinoccio Zet (V64-5/DD-1) mostly keep up and I will aim for money in first hand.”


blekkan jomarTrainer/driver Jomar Blekkan is sounding optimistic about his V64 horses.
“I think that I have two horses with good chance of winning”, says Blekkan.
10 B.B.Petter N. (V64-2) was good at the win two starts ago. It became wrong the time after and he finished with strengths spared. It was over an 800 meters track and it’s not easy when getting positioned far back. B.B.Petter N. is suitable in Sweden and the whip is an advantage. We have a chancy post, but B.B.Petter N. is my best chance if it works out.”
“The whip is an advantage with 5 Nordlirappen (V64-6/DD-2) also. He has been good in Sweden and I think that he will finish well again. The horse felt fine last time and is up in form again. I think that he can be in the fight high up.”
You are in charge of 7 Bandit B.R. (V64-1) also, will he be enough?
“I don’t think so. The distance is the right, but the post is far out. I’m pleased if he earns money.”


Svante Båth

Trainer Svante Båth has a duo to compete in Östersund
3 Staro Green River (V64-1) was okay after a tough opening last time. It feel like he is getting better and better, and the horse has some chance here. Staro Green River is fast out and will surely get a good trip and I hope that he is in the fight high up. I think that my horse shall be considered by the punters that take a few horses. No changes, Staro Green River will compete with shoes all-round”, says Båth.
8 Conrads Wilhelm (V64-3) finally behaved last time and claimed a safe win after getting a perfect race. He has capacity for this class and is enough the days that he behaves. It became tougher opposition and a harder post compared to last time. He has chance to claim a place first of all, but shall be considered in the ticket. No changes, the horse will be equipped with shoes all-round.”


FREDRIK C WIDMAN 1-5.JPGExpert Fredrik Widman shares his selections for the V64 meeting in Östersund.

V64-1: 3,10
V64-2: 10 B.B.Petter N.
V64-3: 2,3,4,6,8,10
V64-4: 11 Gardens Viktor
V64-5: 1,2,7,11,12,15
V64-6: 2,3,9

Daily Double-suggestion:

DD-1: 11 Unogaren
DD-2: 2 Tangen Didrik

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