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Winnners Corner Sunday


€ 5 million

Solvalla Racetrack
Saturday, March 28th
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Commentators column

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V75 Jackpot 5.0 NY

Conclusion V75 Solvalla

The first race of the day was a race for mares. 1 Youana was the fastest horse out but after only 500 meters the big pre-hand favorite 8 Maven took over the front position. In the last turn 10 Your Highness challenged the leader but suddenly she broke stride. The broken stride left Maven alone at the home stretch. She could ease away to a safe win in the brilliant time 1”11”2. The Sports Director at Solvalla, Marcus Myron, was very impressed by the performance and handed out an invitation to Elitloppet straight after the win. Second was Youana and 11 Jumble Ås finished third.
Winning time: 1”11”2 / 2140 meters (Autostart)
Win-odds: 1.47

5 Wilda Tigern Jack grabbed the lead position. After about 700 meters the favorite 8 Ready For More positioned on the outside after going in third wide for a while. These were the positions in to the last turn. They were challenged by 3 Usain Henna in third wide. Wilda Tigern Jack had no stregths left but could keep the third place. It turned out to be a tough duel between the other two. A photo finish had to separate them. Usain Henna was the lucky one that got the win.
Winning time: 1”13”0 / 2140 meters (auto start)
Win-odds: 16.05

A tough start with four horses batteling for the lead. 4 Dreams Take Time got it but soon after he let 5 Västerboonthenews by. After 1000 meters 11 Digital Ink had gotten up next to the leader. 500 meters later the king on the Swedish Race tracks this winter, Digital Ink, increased the speed and no one could keep up with the pace. At the home stretch he was way ahead of his opponents and he could secure a safe win. Also this performance led to an Elitloppet ticket. Second and third was 7 Obi Wan and 12 Porthos Amok.
Winning time: 1”11”4 / 2140 meters (auto start)
Win-odds: 2.04
4 Il Sånna got away well and easy got to the lead position. In to the home stretch he was still in the lead but all the strengths were used and he fell down the field. 11 Flex Lane made a great finish from third wide and could claim the win a couple of meters ahead of 3 Royal Prince. 7 Diamond Of’Em finished third.
Winning time: 1”12”9 / 2140 meters (auto start)
Win-odds: 20.81
5 Staro Hollywood got to the lead with 7 No Credit Broline just behind. First on the outside was 6 Trinity Zet. In to the last turn Trinity Zet got by and at the beginning of the home stretch it seemed like a safe win when he suddenly ran out of fuel. Closest behind and first horse to get pass was 2 Regina Hall. In fourth wide 11 Felicia V.E. finished in great speed and was first to cross the line. Also 14 Pinyata Gel made a remarkable home stretch and managed to finish in second place. Third was Regina Hall.
Winning time: 1”14”3 / 2140 meters (circular start)
Win-odds: 12.81

1 Västerbo Highflyer got to the lead but after 500 meters 3 Maffioso Face increased his speed and got pass. 500 meters later 4 Mind Your Face took over the lead. In the last turn 2 Zonguldak challenged from the outside but suddenly broke stride. The broken stride meant that Mind Your Face could ease away to a safe win. Second was 12 Falcon Håleryd and 10 On Hold finished third.
Winning time: 1”12”1 / 2140 meters (auto start)
Win-odds: 13.87

In the first turn 4 Rocket Zet grabbed the lead position. He kept that position and in to the home stretch Rocket Zet increased the speed. It was only 10 Djali Boko that could keep up with the pace. But he didn’t have enough skills to get pass the leader. A safe wire-to-wire win from Rocket Zet. 11 Super Otto grabbed third place.
Winning time: 1”12”0 / 2140 meters (auto start)
Win-odds: 3.64 


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